Family Roadster

 Roadster / George Aberts / 182 views

In 1958 my grandfather built a 1932 Ford roadster “hot rod” for my uncle (mom’s brother) who was 18 years old.  My uncle drove the car for 2-3 years and then put it in storage at my grandfather’s barn.  The car then spent 53 years in storage at various locations.  My father and I both attempted to buy the car from my uncle over the years but he would not sell it to us.  In 2011 my uncle advertised the car in Hemmings and sold the car to someone in Canada.  This was done without our knowledge until it was too late.  We thought we would never see the car again. The owner then did a complete restoration of the car putting it back exactly as it was in 1958. In October of 2022 I went to the AACA swap meet in Hershey PA.  We weren’t there 15 minutes when I saw a ’32 roadster for sale.  I told my buddy “that looks like my uncle’s old car”.  I then read the history of the car taped to the windshield and sure enough it was the car!!  A classic car dealer from Lancaster PA had bought the car from the prior owner in Canada earlier in the year.  I then stuck a deal with the dealer and purchased the car bringing it back home.  It will never leave the family again!!!

  • City : Hampstead
  • State / Province : MD
  • Drive Train : 1953 Mercury engine, Zephyr 3 speed
  • Color : white
  • Original Body : Yes